Are you looking to move your existing IT infrastructure towards CLOUD, Mobile & Saas/Paas platforms ?

Why should you talk to us ?

Whether you are deploying new IT infrastructure or you are migrating from a legacy system, we ensure that you maximize your returns from a platform choice with minimal risks

Amazon Options ?

Our team will talk you through the best choices for your AWS deployment. Worried about how to size ? What it will cost ? Where to test before moving to PROD ? We have all your questions covered

How about Docker ?

Maybe you are thinking of deploying your existing applications into a docker container and have questions on how it will all pan out ?

Evaluating Azure ?

Looking at your existing collaboration bits like Outlook, Sharepoint and all of Microsoft office, maybe your best option would be to get to Azure ? Is it that easy a decision ?

Private Cloud ?

The real trade-offs are never easy, how do you protect your existing investment value while preparing for the future. We’ll help you think through choices – without “selling”.


Dispassionate advise : Delivered with ZERO bullshit
We are a group of individuals who care for you: The CIO facing hard choices
  • Solid Experiences

    We have a set of people experienced in moving their own organizations / applications onto the cloud. We speak from personal experience.

  • Tested processes

    Any migration, any implementation we recommend comes with the process having been tested in a real-case scenario.

  • Quick Responses

    We ensure that the questions you may have are responded to quickly - we understand that your next steps are based on some of these responses.

  • Prototypes & Testing Grounds

    Our partnerships with providers of specialized services (eg. Axon Networks for AWS), allows us to prototype a process quickly and validate assumptions.

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